AFL is committed to contribute to limiting global temperature increase to well below 2°C, aiming towards 1.5°C, by the end of the century. We are working several initiatives to achieve energy efficiency and are committed to adopt renewable energy in our operations.


  • 15% reduction in specific GHG emission by 2022 in comparison to 2017
  • 20% of the energy portfolio shifted to renewable sources by 2022
  • 100% stores across India to be lit using LED lighting by 2020

Renewable energy

We have taken the first step in this direction and have shifted 80% of our electricity consumption in the Corporate office to renewable sources. We have entered an agreement with a third party to supply 14 lac kWh of solar power per annum via open access.This will help us reduce ~1300 tons of carbon dioxide emissions per annum from our operations, in turn reducing our footprint on the environment.

We are also exploring the potential to shift to solar energy for our warehouses and stores.


Energy efficiency

All the new stores are being launched with LED lighting and the conventional lighting are being replaced with LED lighting in the existing stores.