Vallabh Bhansali

(Independent Director)

r. Vallabh Bhanshali is a well-known thought leader and investment banker. He is the Co-founder of ENAM group, a reputed home grown investment banking and long term investor groups of the country. ENAM is known for their knowledge and ethics led track record and have inspired innumerable others in their own trade and outside.

Under his leadership ENAM executed some of the most innovative and pioneering capital market and advisory transactions in the country. ENAM has played a significant role in the development of leading business houses such as Infosys, Reliance, Sterlite, Zee, Thermax, etc. and even Govt. companies such as NTPC, PTC, PFC, etc.

He has keen interest in several subjects outside his core activity such as behavioral science, economic & national development and scientific spirituality. He is widely recognized across business, media, social and spiritual circles for his work, talks, interviews and innovative ideas. Amongst his many honours is a doctorate from Teerthankar Mahavir University. He is chartered accountant and has a degree in law.

He had anchored a popular TV show ‘Kaun Hai Bharat Bhagya Vidhata’ which was focused on reviving volunteerism and patriotism in the country.

He is the founder and chief mentor of Desh Apnayen Sahayog Foundation which is focused on instilling a sense of active citizenship amongst school and college students. He is also the founder Director of FLAME University – India’s innovative Liberal Arts University.
He has recently accepted the position of President at FJEI (Federation of Jain Educational Institutes) with education institutes, schools and colleges founded by Jains are members. His vision is to use this platform to help the 2500 plus institutions to upgrade, transform and induct courses which attuned to the future and will make an impact on the country.
Satya Vigyan Foundation, another of his creation is focused on bringing to light India’s unmatched heritage and knowledge in a modern metaphor. He was instrumental in completing and distributing a much acclaimed film- History of Yoga and more such films are in the works. He inspired a course on Samyakttva or right knowledge as the foundation of spiritual progress which is receiving great response from Jains across the country.

He is a trustee and its former chairman of the Global Vipassana Foundation. He was a Trustee of the Bombay Stock Exchange. He has served on several policy making & advisory committees of the Central Government and other regulatory bodies, He is on the Board of Directors of many reputed companies.