Adopting cleaner energy instead of Renewable energy

Natural resources are limited while humans are consuming them faster them before. In this unsustainable journey, we not only risk running out of the natural resources but are also responsible for pollution and in turn global warming.

We are making efforts to conserve natural resources and shift to sustainable alternatives for our operations. We have contracted a third party to supply 14 lakh units of electricity generated using solar energy. This will help us reduce ~1300 tons of carbon dioxide emissions from our operations, in turn reducing our negative footprint on environment.

Minimizing waste from our operations

Each year tons of textile waste end up in landfill. Fortunately, most of it can be recycled and/or reused. We strive to recycle the cutting and reject waste from our value chain and are exploring the possibility of recycling and/or reusing the Post-consumer waste garments.

We ran a pilot for our brand Unlimited in the festive season (October 2017) to spread awareness among customers on the growing problem of textile waste and provide a platform for them to dispose their old and not-in-use garments in a sustainable manner.

Unlimited collected ~5700 garments from their customers, weighing approximately 1.3 tonnes through the campaign. These garments were segregated based on their re-usability. Garments that are eligible for fibre recycling were shredded and converted into reusable fibre.